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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  September 20, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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headquarters with more of the details, tim? >> reporter: the police commissioner expected to speak here in a short time from now to release the results of this internal investigation into this offduty police officer who had an encounter with a pedestrian back in may on boylston street. the aftermath, end part of that interaction was caught on camera by witnesses on boylston street. witnesses say that the officer who was in a personal car was making a right turn on to arlington street when he this pedestrian walking in the crosswalk. apparently thed pedestrian was upset that the officer tried to drive through and hit his back window with an umbrella. it didn't leave a mark but witnesses say the officer pushed him to the ground then walked him back to the car. that pedestrian was not charged with anything at the time but police did launch an internal investigation into the incident itself to see if the officer took things too far. this all happening back in
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boylston street and the investigation is complete. we expect to hear from the police commissioner in a short time from now to hear exactly what they found out in the investigation to find out if the offduty officer did go too far. we expect to hear from the commissioner any second now and we expect him to walk in the door. once he does we'll bring that to you live. tim caputo, 7 news. >> jadiann: we're also following news out of connecticut where officials say an armed man was shot and killed b police officer at foxwoods resort casino. adam williams is live for us in the newsroom with more of the breaking details. >> adam: connecticut officials say the shooting happened at a parking lot. the tribal police officer shot and killed suspect. two other injuries were reported. state police say the suspect had an outstanding arrest warrant. they're still investigating exactly what led up to the shooting.
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person was armed. adam williams, 7 news. >> ryan: to the latest on the terror takedown in new jersey. today we're learning more about rahami. the man suspected of planting home made bombs in new york and new jersey. his father told the f.b.i. two years ago that his sop was a terrorist. rahami's father is speaking to reporters today. >> this as investigators continue to build a case against him. our team coverage begins with dan hausle who i for us in new york city. >> reporter: this apparently goes back to the time the man is accused of setting a bomb here and was arrested for allegingly assaulting his brother. a grand jury didn't pursue charges though so he was not actually charged with the crime. still at the time, the father apparently called the police and the f.b.i. the l the nation's homeland security chief gets a tour of the chelsea bombing site from the mayor.
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investigators for catching the suspect less than 48 hours after the blast. >> this was a terrific police and investigative work. >> reporter: now we're hearing rahami's father told the f.b.i. two years ago that his son was a terrorist. but retract that had meaning he was hanging outs with the wrong crowd. >> reporter: whapped? >> doing bad. >> reporter: he hit my son. he hit my wife. >> reporter: new york bare diblastia ignoring my question on the someone. >> did someone miss a chance to get the guy. the father said that he was a terrorist. did someone miss that. i found the councilman more interested. does that concern you to hear that? >> yeah, that is upsetting and the shocking. if they were mistake those need to be fixed so these things don't fall through the cracks. this could have been a major fatality count. >> reporter: a law
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rahami at the time of his father's call. but found no credible connection to terrorism or threats to the u.s. as rahami lies hospitalized charged with trying to kill the police who caught up with him new yorkers worry what is coming up. >> something can happen. this happens that close of you, something can happen. >> reporter: now a woman who says she had a child with rahami has gone to court asks for custody of the england has been to a new jersey court and asked for full custody pointing out rahami is looked up charged with assaulting police officers. the last time she talked to him was in january. the live in new york city dan hausle, news. >> ryan: there are many similarities in this latest terror investigation and the boston marathon bombing. today we're hearing from the local f.b.i. and boston's police commissioner. steve cooper has more.
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stirring up some bitter memories here at the finish liven of the boston marathon on boylston street. even as officials have been busy today trying to allay fears residents may be feeling. during an interview in his office special agent in charge for the f.b.i. boston harald shaw told me late today there is no convection between rahami and boston marathon bombers dzhokhar tsarnaev and tamerlan despite eli note referenced the brothers. >> at this point i've no information that would indicate any association or reference to the tsarnaev at this point in time nor do i have additional information of any association between rahami and the tsarnaevs. >> reporter: agents in boston are working with local and state police around the clock to insure the bub safety. >> we will follow every lead. we'll conduct every interview and we'll run everything to the ground.
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hell here in the city, and both i think physically and mentally for everybody involved. >> reporter: boston's police commissioner had him reflecting on the boylston street attack while increasing patrols. >> you learn that day is how valuable it is for us to walk today. >> reporter: evans and shaw say residents play a critical role when it comes to combating terrorism. if you see something,ay nick. >> anyone within the general public may in turn have that information, that specific piece of information that may be of value to prevent that terrorism ins accident. >> reporter: -- incident. >> reporter: increased security is in place to be on the safe side. >> ryan: william evans talking about the video we're about to talk about. let's take you out there right now.
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>> i'm just waiting for the who is head of the internal affairs who did this investigation. i don't want to start it. >> jadiann: so that is the commissioner. we thought he was starting the press conference then he told us that he is waiting on the head of the investigation. whoever handled that to come out and start the press conference. this goes back to a video that surfaced a while back showing an officer, what we would say roughing up a man on the street. that is the video, we blurred their faces because there is no criminal action that was taken but it was under internal review. >> ryan: we're hoping to learn the results of the internal investigation. you can see the police commissioner, the superintendent of chiefs here also at this press conference. so they're going to talk a little bit about what happened. their results of the investigation, they're going to show video, took and to make you aware we'll come back because we want to
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as soon as this press conference gets started we're going to head back to that. i'm not sure if we're under way if my producer could let me know. going back to that right now [inaudible] >> yes, you know, i'm very disappointed in that decision. i think they relied heavily on the aclu report that i think was clearly way out of context. you know, antho and jeff feigan clearly said there is no indication of bias so i'm a little disappointed that relied heavily on a report that didn't take into context who was stop and why. and you know, that report clearly -- >> jadiann: far now going to move on to other news. learning more about the suspect about the mall attack that happened in
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immigrated to the u.s. from africa. he stabbed 10 people at a st. cloud, minnesota, mall saturday night. the f.b.i. is investigating the attack. isis claimed responsibility on sunday. he was dressed in a uniform and asked at least one victim if he was muslim during the attack. >> i begged him me. i don't know why you are doing this. he screamed something. ran at me with his arm cocked at which i duck and he stabbed me in my right shoulder blade. >> jadiann: an offduty police officer shot and killed the man. french police have arrested eight more people in connection with the deadly truck attack in nice. authorities say the suspects new the man who killed 86 people whether he hit them
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at least five other people are also facing charges for allegedly helping the attackers. >> ryan: also president obama giving his final speech as the leader of the free world at the united nations in new york city today. it's one of the last major speeches he will give before a new president is elected elecd this fall. he touched on the remember geocrisis and terrorism. edward lawrence has more from new york. >> reporter: from his final address to the united nations, president obama pushed a message of world unity. he never mentioned donald trump by the danger of building walls. >> today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself. >> reporter: the president called on nations to stop isis and the conflict in syria and take in helplets refugees. >> we have to have the empath toe see our servings we have to imagine what it would be like for our family, for our children. >> reporter: president obama wants the u.s. to accept 110,000 refuges fleeing war by next year. campaigning in north carolina, donald trump
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to prevent terrorists from ilfiltrating people emigrating to the u.s. >> our current immigration system makes no real attempt to determine the views of the people entering our country. >> reporter: his son doubled down in a tweet posting a picture of skittles saying if just three would kill you would you take a handful. the tweet caused a back lash. president obama told t must help even if the politics are difficult great we have to open our hearts and do more to help reef geos. >> reporter: trump wants a refuge moratorium. >> jadiann: we're going to take you back to the press conference about police video that was released about a police officer maybe roughed up a man. >> internal affairs interviewed serve civilian witnesses and seven police officers, we reviewed two
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surveillance video from arlington and boilton street. we looked at the b.p.d.incident history. the radio transmission as well as the incident report. statement of the individual who posted his cell phone via on facebook were directly contradicted by the clear video evidence and by other eyewitness accounts. each of the six other civilian witnesses including two of the co-workers of the man who shot observed the initial interaction between the police officer and the civilian, stated that the civilian was not slammed to the ground but he in fact trip and fell. that also is clearly claimed by the victim. so the video narrator says we tackled that. the victim and all the witnesses clearly say, that he tripped on his own and he
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also consistently stated that the officer held the civilian's face to the ground and didn't slam it off the pavement. the victim says the same thing. this version of events is also supported by the surveillance video in the cell phone video. it is also clear from this investigation that police officer barrette clearly believed that his window was in fact broken by mr. street. from evocation of the officer and mr. garran in this case, he walked against the light and hit the individual's car with the umbrella. like most cases, no case is perfect. so there are a few minor issue that is i believe we could have done better. an appropriate discipline action will be taken to deal with that. at this time i'm going to let superintendent mans
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the investigation here then i'm going to turn it over to superintendent holmes and police officer owens to talk about the use of force here it's clear from all of the investigation we did and it was exhaustive and i apologize for the delay. we -- the victim never came in to make out a complaint. this was self-initiated. it took him over five weeks to come in here for us to interview him just to basically go over what and so we got him in. we got all the witnesses and everything points to the fact that again this officer wasn't chased down as mr. harlow said. he wasn't violently tackled. head wasn't slammed to the ground and his hair wasn't pulled. we've plenty of people who back that up including two
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>> [inaudible] >> jadiann: they're going we don't want to show it live until we have a chance to review. we want to talk about what happened. the police commissioner said they've win working on the case for a long time. it was a bit of a delay because the victim choose not to come forward. it was initiated by the police department. >> jadiann: that's right. it happened initially back in may. so several months now of that internal investigation. now we're hearing the results of what they've come up with. playing the video so we've more people we're going to
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commissioner talked about how the investigation has been, the internal investigation and then he made a clear point that he said the man and that the video he said is the evidence here pointing to the fact that he was not violently tackled. he was' not slammed to the ground and that his hair was not pulled. >> ryan: but he trip and fell. >> jadiann: he was quoting video and witnesses from the scene. he also said that the witness who video had sort of a different story from what the video was showing. >> ryan: six witnesses they talked to corroborated the actual victim and everyone else saying he was not slammed to the ground. the police station commission err commissioner said it's clear that the police officer believed his window was broken when he was on the street there by this victim as he was crossing the street. he apparently slammed the umbrella into the windshield
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here and so the bottom line is that looks at this point that the civilian was not slammed to the ground. >> jadiann: we're going to take a quick break here at 7 news. we have a lot more to coming in local news and on this investigation. so we'll be back in a minute. minute. stay with prescription cos keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ryan: patriots preparing for thursday night's games against the houston text ambassador.
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are some unanswered question boston whether he will be able to play thursday. >> jadiann: belichick had interesting answers when he was asked about his status. jonathan hall has the latest from foxboro. >> reporter: espn is reporting jimmy garoppolo could play thursday night despite straining his shoulder on sunday. >> coach, how concerned are you about the quarterback position and is it possible jimmy could be ready in time to play as it has been reported? >> we haven't practiced. we'll see how it goes and file the injury report after practice based ons how it goes today. >> reporter: the coach sparred with the print report hoar pressed him on how he balances jimmy g.'s health concerns with the bests interest of the teams. he seeps to contradict himself. >> players' personal situation always comes first. that is always comes first that is not a football decision. >> reporter: you have to get some certainty in what
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decision. >> i'm a football coach, i'm not a dr. the mad cal staff is the medical staff. i coach the team. medical people handle the injuries, they don't call plays. i don't do surgery. we have a great deal there. works out good. >> reporter: at this point the backup to the backup brissette is expected to start the game but it's belichick's call. taking an unlikely back seat in the q.b.situation tom brady who said on the before he got hurt. >> it's a tough injury especially your throwing shoulder so i feel for him. it's a tough injury but he will be back out there as soon as he can. >> we just checked out the patriots practice and we saw brissette on the field but no jimmy g. what does that mean? is he too hurt to play? we'll find out at some point. jonathan hall, 7 news. >> ryan: count on 7 news
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story. >> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: last few days of summer doing just that, we'll get rid of the humanity but we hold on to the warmth for tomorrow and thursday. then much cooler weather heading our way for the weekend and into early next week. right now, 70s and 80s. the city at 71. norwood 83. fitchburg 83. keep in mind the is about 72. and normally your dew points would be in the 50s this time of year. not the up ir60s, so this is quite muggy out there. that is the case for the remainder of the afternoon as well as this evening. there is some dryer air. it's way over here up through southeastern canada. buffalo dew point at 60. but that is lower than ours, toronto dupe is 46 that. is the dryer air that is on the move foreign minister' be here tomorrow. the dew point trend tomorrow and thursday underrer 40s
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ahead after cold front that will usher in dryer air. the dew points on saturday and even into sunday down into the 30s. dew point, not the actual temperatures but they're not far behind that. so here are the clouds that we had through much of the day. thinning out and slowly fading away. that is front. usually right behind the front is where you find dry comfortable air but there are times when it lags by several miles. the dew point. thy not there so there is a bit of a disconnect but high pressure does begin to nudge that dryer air east. so for this evening partly cloudy skies. it will being humid out there this morning. but some patchy fog setting up. temperatures between 58 will have 66. then through the day tomorrow, less humid. if you are out the door at 6:00 or 6:30 there may be a little bit of stickiness in the air but that will fade away. a little bit warm.
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83. all the numbers you see on the screen that is about 10 degrees above where we should be. merrimack valley, monadnock, on the cape mashpee 81 and ed gagtown at 82. there is wednesday for you. thursday first day of fall. quite warm. temperatures on thursday heading for the mid 80s, fall officially begins thursday mid-morning about 10:00 am in bus but youwo high temperatures saturday and sunday only in the low to mid 60s with many of us down into the lower 40s even boston sunday, monday morning into the 40s. >> ryan: a check of the ride home with matt. >> reporter: this is 128 south. you can see a little heavy southbound. it's down to route 24 in randolph. northbound side you can't see it moving well once you
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them and waltham. it'll back up there. over on the pike west very he have they afternoon leaving the city. you willing slow going from the tolls out past newton corner and looking better further west. eastbound side of the spike moving well. over to the expressway and as usual you are jammed come out of the o'neil tunnel down past south bay then pick it up down to the split. northbound is heavy heading into the o'neil tunnel. take a look from the o'neil tunnel to the once you get past the brain trie split to route 24 looking at another 17 minutes. matt fitzgerald, 7 news. >> jadiann: unexpected guest caught on camera. a black bear giving people a scare at a hotel in alaska. >> ryan: a funeral director now apologizing for what he did with some kass cats. >> jadiann: we continue to follow breaking news. more from police today after
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reviewing this video in what some people are saying about a police officer roughing up a pedestrian. we'll get back to what police are saying in the
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pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught in a web of opiate and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that courtney's problem wasn't a matter of life and death - so she wasn't eligible for treatment.
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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> jadiann: now at police in milton searching for the suspects who dabblinged a holocaust memorial, an 81-year-old holocaust survivor dedicated the sculpture to his late sister who died in nazi concentration camps. >> reporter: you can see that all that is left of this sculpture is the place that it rested on. the man whose sculptor created this memorial to not only honor his sister but
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it was stolen sometime over the week. he says the cemetery called him yesterday to break the bad news to him. as you can see this is what was stolen. the sculpture once looked like. you can see a large bronze statue, it's a star of david surrounding a second star of david then two small hands. as for fred manassas who sculpted it he has mixed feelings about what happened. >> first of all i was i was angry. then i had a chance to reflect on it. and i realized that it had more impact by having been stolen in terms of publicity in terms of alerting people to the fact that so many people died without a memorial. >> reporter: anyone who has any information as to who stole this sculpture is


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